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HAZOP Training

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Since developing the HAZOP technique in the early 1960’s, ICI has provided HAZOP training to tens of thousands of people throughout the world.  Orica (formerly ICI Australia) continues to provide the following popular and highly respected HAZOP training courses:

  • Basic HAZOP (2 days)
  • HAZOP Leader (2 days)
  • Combined Basic and HAZOP Leader Course (3 days) - In-House Option Only

Throughout each course, over 40 years of in-house knowledge is shared with the course participants from highly respected and experienced course presenters.

Each presenter is accredited by Orica.  Also, they are frequently approved as HAZOP leaders for major developments as per the internal requirements of Orica and by some of our State legislators, for example, by the NSW Department of Planning.

All programs are facilitated using a mixture of presentations, class discussion, practical exercises and case studies.  The experience and background of the presenters ensures that courses are directly relevant to all participants.  The courses are all structured from a practical industrial perspective.

Our presenters maintain close association with industry, government and universities which ensures that our courses reflect the latest in HAZOP thinking.  For example, recent additions include key issues as embodied within AS 61882 (the HAZOP Application Guide), current Orica HAZOP and Hazard Study techniques, HAZOP study requirements with respect to Major Hazard Facility legislation and various unique processing and design examples where the HAZOP technique has been successfully applied.

The courses have been presented externally to industry and government around the world for over 20 years and form the pillars of Australian HAZOP study methodology today.

The courses are run either in-house or, for the Basic and Leader courses, via a public venue.  If requested, courses can be customised to meet your demands.

For more information or to make a booking for our in-house courses please contact us. Details of the other risk courses are available upon request.

For further information please contact the following people:

Brisbane:   Dean Shewring   Ph +61 2 9913 7284
Sydney:   Karin Nilsson   Ph +61 2 9427 7851
Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth:   Myrna Hepburn   Ph +61 408 305 000


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