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HAZOP / Hazard Identification

Planager provide highly experienced and widely recognized HAZOP and Hazard Study Leaders. Our leaders are frequently approved as HAZOP study leaders for major developments as per some of our State legislators, for example, by the NSW Department of Planning. Our leaders are also accredited as Senior HAZOP Study leaders (highest level) as per Orica’s internal requirements.

Since developing the HAZOP technique in the early 1960’s, ICI has provided HAZOP training to tens of thousands of people throughout the world. We are accredited to present Orica’s (previously known as ICI Australia) highly respected HAZOP Courses.

Planager consultants lead many different types of HAZOP study techniques:

  • Process HAZOP Study (for both continuous and batch operations)
  • Materials Handling HAZOP Study
  • Procedures HAZOP Study
  • Metal Handling HAZOP Study
  • Building HAZOP Study
  • Ship-to-Shore HAZOP Study
  • Machinery HAZOP Study
  • Transport HAZOP

Recent HAZOP Studies completed by Planager include:

  • HAZOP of major upgrade to a coal fired power station
  • HAZOP of two new natural gas compressor stations
  • HAZOP of new sewer treatment plant
  • HAZOP of upgrade to two sewer treatment plants
  • HAZOP of new cooling towers to coal fired power station
  • HAZOP of a new water treatment plant for coal fired power station
  • HAZOP of chlorination process for paper manufacturing
  • HAZOP of automation of LPG terminal
  • HAZOP of natural gas pipeline
  • HAZOPs of major oil pipeline
  • HAZOPs of all existing hazardous processes for pharmaceutical company
  • Development of the HAZOP study process for mining operation
  • HAZOP of tradewaste system
  • HAZOP of sulfur recovery process
  • HAZOP of hydrogen plant
  • HAZOP of bitumen products plant

Hazard Study

The Hazard Study process has been developed by industry to review the hazards and risks of major projects in order to enhance their implementation. The use of the Hazard Study process ensures that hazards and identified and managed at an early stage of the project design. The value of the hazard study process, such as the established HAZOP study technique, is well recognized in the process industry.

Our consultants have experience in leading these studies for major projects including for new industrial sites. They also have experience in developing hazard study processes as part of corporate project risk management processes.


HAZID (HAZard Identification) study is a general concept studies aiming at identifying hazards. These studies follow a very similar format to HAZOPs, although a different set of guidewords are used.

HAZIDs are often conducted prior to the start of detailed design of a process, for example as input to a risk assessment required from a regulatory approvals point of view, and are typically used to identify major hazards likely to impinge on the process under review. Typical HAZID guidewords or phrases can include fire, explosion, release of toxics, environmental pollution etc.

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