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Risk Assessments


Risk assessments and HAZard ANalysis (HAZAN) covers a range of techniques which are used to analyse hazards and risks. Typically, this includes analysing the consequences of hazards and the safeguards for hazard prevention and / or mitigation.

The process, facilitated by our consultants, draws on the knowledge and experience of the facility personnel to identify the hazards. These hazards are then ranked in order of importance and the significant risks are further analysed to determine whether further controls are required to be put in place.

Planager conducts quantitative (QRA), qualitative and semi-quantitative risk assessment.

Because of the repetitive nature of the calculations, computer programs are used. Planager runs a number of such computer models including the internationally recognised suite of programs from Dutch TNO (Effects and Riskcurves). A commonly required presentation of the results is as a series of individual risk contours showing the spread of risk within and surrounding the facility. Other presentations are available to meet regulatory and other requirements.

QRA is a powerful tool for helping the decision making process when looking at expenditure of scarce resources for reducing risk, choosing between processes, sites, modes of transport and storage, and looking at sensible separation distances.

Recent risk assessments completed by Planager include:

  • QRA of LNG storage and load-out facilities
  • QRA of natural gas pipelines
  • QRA of three major upstream gas field developments including gas wells, gas treatment plants and pipelines
  • QRAs of chlorine storage and chemicals warehousing
  • QRA of ammonia storages
  • QRA of hydrogen plant
  • Risk assessment of several flammable gas pipelines to AS2885-requirements
  • Risk analysis and critical task assessment of a high-priority SCADA control room
  • Risk assessment for a Football League/Cricket Facility
  • Options assessment for LNG terminals
  • Risk assessment of the benefit of the use of safety barriers along a major highway
  • Risk assessment of major hazards associated with a major coal fired power station
  • Gap analysis in the risk assessment process used for a major power station upgrade project
  • Risk assessment of slidegate and turnstile for security equipment manufacturer
  • Risk assessment of communications system used for flammable liquids pipeline and terminals
  • Risk review for new pharmaceutical manufacturing building
  • Risk review of coal milling operation
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