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Human factors engineering

With more than 80% of accidents in process industry attributed to human and organisational failures it is clear that we need to control the underlying factors of these failures. The new regulation for the Control of Major Hazard Facilities reflect this need via the emphasis on determining the effectiveness of organisational related safety management systems which are in place to manage risks.

The methods employed by Planager provide insight into the human factors risk characteristics of organisations.

Our consultants have the experience to lead your team through the Human and Organisational Factors review to help you understand your team or company’s ability to safely manage their activities.

Planager offers a range of Human Factors Services focused on both enhancing human reliability and reducing unreliability. Our staff have extensive experience in working with some of the world's most prestigious organisations in the following areas:

  • Accident / Incident Investigation / Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Critical Task Identification & Analysis
  • Human Error Identification, Analysis & Reduction
  • Procedure Review & Development
  • Safety Management Systems Evaluation / Design
  • Work organisation, team & job design (including workload assessment)

Recent Human Factors projects completed by Planager include:

  • Incident investigation for major transmission pipeline
  • Incident investigation for loss of critical supply to Customer
  • Human and Organisational Factors review of a chemicals handling department
  • Human and Organisational Factors review for hazardous goods transport operation
  • Critical task identification and analysis of a multitasking Control Room managing flammable and combustible liquids transfers
  • Critical task identification and analysis for shipping operation
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