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Our auditors are trained in the A D Little style of auditing, experienced in a range of plant and systems related audits, and recognised by industry and government bodies. The types of audits we conduct include Hazard Audits, Regulatory Compliance Audits, Safety Management Systems Audits, Plant and Systems Audit and Safety and Operating Plans Audits.

Planager Pty Ltd has a broad expertise and experience in several types of audit and in assisting operators to develop improvement plans that are both reasonable and achievable. With our background in risk management for worldwide chemical companies we understand many of the hazards associated with manufacturing industries and the requirement for managing theses hazards. We have worked with a very wide range of industries including metal, petroleum refineries, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, explosive, paint and pigment, engineering equipment, bulk storage and transport etc.

Recent audits completed by Planager include:

  • Hazard Audit to NSW Department of Planning requirements of flammable gas storage terminal.
  • Hazard Audit of several major flammable gas pipelines to NSW Department of Industry & Investment requirement.
  • Corporate Audit of a paint manufacturing facility.
  • Audit of upstream gas field development and operation as part of planning requirements.
  • Safety and Operations Plan Audit of new petroleum pipeline.
  • Development of Audit Scope for a Major Hazard Facility to NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water following multiple incidents.
  • Audit of a Major Hazard Facility producer of toxics and corrosives.
  • Hazard Audit of facility managing highly toxic and mutagen material.
  • Hazard Audit of environmentally sensitive operation for the recovery of polluted water.
  • Development of audit criteria for road transport authority projects.
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